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Photography Goes From Polaroid Swingers To Picture Perfect Sony Cameras

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Last week-end, while house cleaning, I ran across a large box of old pictures that my Mother used to toss all of her photos. She used to keep pictures nicely arranged in scrape books. Hundreds of photos of birthdays, holidays, vacations, school pictures, and family gatherings. My Mother had retired to Florida, and my four sisters and I, we all lived in different states. We all kept her up to date with our lives through pictures. As the years went by, Mom had accumulated tons of pictures. She stopped scrape booking, and began to throw them all in one big box. Going through the pictures, I began to notice that many of the photographs taken before 1950, were very similar. Hardly any action shots here, everyone just stood and posed. Or maybe, you sat down in a chair and posed. Our family only had a few pictures, and they were black and white.

In 1967 Polaroid introduced the world to the Polaroid Swinger. It was $19.99. The commercial had one of the most memorable jingles ever written. These black and white photos have stood the test of time. In my Mother's box, there were a few of the photos taken with this instant camera. The preservation is remarkable.

Fast forward to my high school days, around 1972. Kodak Company comes out with the 110 Instamatic camera, that used a square flash cube. You had to buy the film and the flash separate. Then drop the film off at a drug store to get it developed. What a pain. Around the same time, Polaroid introduces The One Step SX-70. It was white, with a rainbow-colored strip in the front. This camera gave you an instant picture that came out through the front of the camera. You had to shake the picture so it could develop. Everyone wanted that camera. They were very popular.

Now, here is the part of the story where old school meets new school. Recording Artist, Outkast,"Andre 3000" sings a song, called "Hey Ya". One of the lines in the song, he sings, "shake it like a Polaroid picture". Yes, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it." The video scene has the look of the old American Bandstand television show with Dick Clark. Girls are screaming and dancing. A couple of the dancers, are taking pictures with this Polaroid camera. If you were a teen during that time, it really takes you back. Today's photography and video mixes up the old with the new.

In my family, we take a lot of pictures. We take pictures of every thing we do. Then we turn the pictures into slide shows or videos. We rarely print pictures anymore, we simply save them on the computer. We also submit some of our best pictures to online photo submission sites, where you can sell your images and videos for others to use. We recently upgraded our camera, and bought The Sony Alpha SLT-A55V. SLT stands for single lens translucent. There are videos about this camera, nothing as exciting as Andre 3000, but this camera is really nice. This Sony SLT has many features. It has an electronic viewfinder with 1.15 million dot resolution, built-in GPS, dual-purpose memory stick/SD card slot. According to Sony's official website, this camera is the world's first DSLR that you can shoot and focus at the same time. This camera transforms the way DSLR cameras work. Sony boast that you will experience best in class speed 3, up 10 fps continuous shooting fixed at the full 16.2MP resolution with exposure fixed at the first frame.

Photography can take you around the world in a minute. And if you are looking through old photographs, you could end up in another decade. That's the beauty of this new world of taking pictures.

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