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What Makes A Good Blu-Ray Player? 3D And Other Miscellaneous Features

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All the best Blu-ray Players have the same basic features, such as playing standard Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs. They will have at least one USB port that supports playback of movies, music and photos files. And all models will have a HDMI Output which can internally decode the latest audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, or can bit-stream these formats in their native form to your A/V receiver to decode. You will also notice that good Blu-ray players will perform these functions and features consistently and only vary slightly in quality. Making it hard to distinguish between the different models.

However, there are other features found on players that are not common and separates unique, good Blu-ray players from the regular ones. For example, not all Blu-ray players are capable of playing back 3D Blu-ray discs. If you have already purchased a 3D HDTV or planning on obtaining one in the near future, it would be worth it to invest in a player that can play 3D Blu-ray Discs. While still not a deal breaker right now for most consumers if their player does not have 3D capability; more and more movies are being released in the 3D format. And you do not want to add the extra expensive of having to upgrade your player later down the road when you decide you want to view 3D movies at home.

Other rare features found on certain Blu-ray players is support for DVD-Audio and Super-Audio-CD formats. For a lot of audiophiles out there, this extra features is a real treat. These formats never really captured the intention of the public, but SACD can still be purchased with new releases coming out every week. Sony is one company that makes all their players SACD capable. But mostly, these formats are found on higher-end players which normally use a high-end DAC (Digital-To-Analog Converter) which will make your CDs sound better.

Of course, a player's DACs are bypassed if you use the HDMI port, so a Blu-ray Player that has multichannel analog outputs will come in very handy. Multichannel analog outputs are also nice for those with older A/V receivers that do not have any HDMI inputs. You will get to hear the new audio formats in stunningly realistic surround sound. There are not many mid-level players out there that will have multichannel analog outputs, most manufacturers have moved away from this feature. You can use optical or coax digital audio outputs, if the player has them, but they can not transmit the new Blu-ray's High-Resolution audio formats.

Multiple HDMI Outputs is another feature that is widely seen as very convenient on players. Used mainly for 3D playback, dual HDMI outputs will allow you to send your 3D video signal to your HDTV and your audio signal to your A/V receiver. Great for those who have A/V receivers can not handle a 3D signal. It cuts down on expense, since you do not have to upgrade to a new receiver. Multiple HDMI Outputs will also let you connect two TVs to the player. But be aware that not you might not get the same performance out of both HDMI outputs.

So when you are looking for a player, these features might not be on top of your must have list. That is perfectly fine. It is probably best to start out with the cheapest player you can get, although make sure it has Online Streaming Media Services. Later you can start to think about getting other features you might need, such as 3D, Dual HDMI Outputs, DVD-Audio/SACD playback or multichannel analog outputs. Where ever you start, getting a player is worth it. Costing anywhere between $70.00 to $200.00, you can get an excellent player that will give you an impressive HD Blu-ray movie experience. More expensive players will perform better, but they are only really for the die-hard enthusiast.

Get all the information on the 2011 Blu-ray Players: 2011 Best Blu-ray Players. I would also like to offer a FREE BLU-RAY PLAYERS BUYING GUIDE when you visit http://www.Bluray-DVD-Players.com. Copyright 2011. This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

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A Look at a Few Haier Freezers

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Haier freezers are touted as some of the best in the market today as each of them are designed to fulfill very specific consumer needs. However, if you are in the market for a Haier freezer, it is necessary to know exactly what your choices are by perusing different units as well as their features and benefits. Below are some of the best Haier freezer units today that are worth considering.

Haier 3.9 Cu Ft Fridge W Full Size Freezer

This fridge freezer is one of the full size units Haier has on stock and it is primarily intended for accommodating a large stockpile of cold beverages. Among its most outstanding features include the 3 full width door storage shelves which accommodates a number of food items that need to stay cold for as long as possible. The recessed door handle gives this unit a modern feel and it comes in black which would look great in any kitchen space. Selling point: This is the freezer you want if you are in need of abundant storage for sodas, bottled water, and frozen dinners. It also has an adjustable thermostat which allows you to control the temperature depending on the number of items inside. Drawback: Since this is a full size fridge/freezer, it is not ideal for small kitchens or cramped dorm rooms.

Haier HUF138PB 13.8 Cubic Foot Capacity Full-Size Frost-Free Freezer

This one does the heavy lifting as it is designed to handle not just beverages but other frozen delights as well, such as tubs of ice cream, cured meat, and many other items. This is a straightforward freezer that is preferred by those who like appliances that are easy to clean and maintain, as per the no-frost feature. Selling points: This Haier freezer can hold close to 500 pounds of frozen food and drinks so it is definitely a heavy duty appliance. It is ideal for those who prefer to shop for months or several weeks worth of frozen supply which is beneficial for large families. Drawback: There is not much disadvantage with this unit except perhaps its size, which would only be an issue if your kitchen is not big enough.

Haier HNSE05BB 4-3/5-Cubic-Foot Compact Refrigerator/Freezer

This compact and free standing fridge/freezer is one for the books because it is highly functional and decorative at the same time. It is a compressor-cooled fridge/freezer which also has a rotary thermostat which is designed for maximum precision in temperature adjustment. It has a number of nifty features, including adjustable glass shelves, full width storage and/or drip trays, and dispense-a-can storage space (for canned beverages like beer and soda), and shelves for gallon size containers.

Kevin Watts is a writer who specializes in cooking and kitchen activities. You can check his latest website at Haier Chest Freezer, where he provides an unbiased look at Haier Chest Freezers.

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Infrared Heaters Reviews - Kozy World KWN321 30,000 - BTU Vent-Free Natural-Gas Infrared Wall Heater

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ByRob Tierney

The Kozy World 30,000 BTU vent-free natural-gas wall compact space heater is easily mounted to the wall for even heat and can heat up to 1,000 square feet.

It has a vent-free, convenient design that does away with requiring outside venting and operates with 99% efficiency. Users have the choice between variable heat and thermostatically controlled heat.

This heater has insta-light ignition, which provides immediate start in a simple step (matchless piezo ignition). The Kozy World heater runs on natural gas and the infrared feature offers warm, direct heat to consumers immediately upon start up.

This means that the direct heat from the radiant plaques heat people in the room faster than heating the air around them.

Aside from the safety of being mounted to the wall, the heater offers a watch pilot assembly that assures that the gas flow shuts off automatically if the pilot is extinguished. The built-in oxygen depletion sensors puts out the flame if the oxygen levels drop below acceptable standards and the pressure regulator maintains a steady gas flow for a safe and even burn.

Since this heater runs on natural gas, which are odorless and safe, users will be able to run it while the power is off and/or without electricity costs. Customers will also save money using it because it uses less energy and, overall, costs less to run it.

Natural gas is the cleanest burning major fuel, so users can rest safe knowing they are leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

The unit is made with a heavy-duty steel cabinet and neutral finish, and top mounting controls. Wall mounting brackets and instruction manual are included.

Kozy World KWN321 30,000- BTU Vent-Free Natural-Gas Infrared Wall Heater Features

30,000 BTU natural-gas wall heater for spaces up to 1,000 square feetElectronic piezo ignition system provides easy start ups; radiates instant infrared heatSafe-watch pilot assembly, built-in oxygen depletion sensor, and pressure regulator for safetyVariable heat control; wall-mounting brackets and detailed instructions includedMeasures approximately 7 by 26 3/5 by 23 inches

Kozy World KWN321 30,000- BTU Vent-Free Natural-Gas Infrared Heaters Consumer Reports

The reviews for the Kozy World 30,000BTU wall heater are overwhelmingly positive. Most all reviewing users feel like this heater is the way to go. The on-the-wall design is extremely convenient and conducive to heat transfer. Most every user commented that the heat output from the Kozy World heater is extremely high. The control system on top of the unit is a plus.

Most users have more than one Kozy World heater in their home. One Kozy World customer hooked up a 5 gallon propane tank to the heater and got a full 24 hours of heat at full power.

The only user comment that is less than excellent was very good and included a suggestion of adding a fan above the heater. That adds a way to circulate the heat a little faster. Most users did not think this was necessary though.

Overall, the Kozy World infrared natural gas wall heater inspires extremely high customer satisfaction.

A very good alternative to this heater is the best selling, Dr Heater Quartz, follow the link to read a full review.

You may also be wondering, do infrared heaters work?

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A Guide To LCD TVs


ByMyles Y Savage

The television industry has changed quite a bit over the last 20 years with innovations from satellites to LCD TVs. Just as the days of 3 channel choices are long gone, the big, bulky CRTs are a part of history. For the last several years, flat screen televisions have been the product of choice. Of all the flat screen technologies, LCD TVs have become the most popular and best-selling of this new generation of televisions.

LCD technology had its roots in the computer monitor and cell phone industry. This thinner, lighter way of showing video images was perfect for laptop computers. However, at the time, most people did not think LCD technology would translate into the television market. However, LCDs have come a long way and are now the top-selling flat screen televisions on the market.

LCDs have many advantages besides being lower priced than plasmas. They are much lighter than other TVs and use less energy because they power only a single lamp to light the screen. Yet they still produce crisp images in HD quality. They also have less glare than a plasma and are unaffected by high altitudes.

Another big advantage of LCDs over plasmas is their durability. With LCDs you never have to worry about screen burn, where an image becomes permanently imbedded on the screen. Also, an LCD will typically last for years longer than a plasma.

What do you need to look for when buying an LCD television? The most important number to look at is the pixel resolution number. At a minimum, look for 720p. However, if you are buying an LCD TV larger than 42 inches, look for a TV with a 1080p resolution factor. This higher number of pixels will ensure a sharper image, especially important if you will be using a Blu-ray player with the TV.

The motion response time is also an important factor. Look for LCDs with either a 4 or 8 millisecond response time. Ideally, get one with 4 ms, as this will provide a TV with the ability to show fast-moving objects without motion blur, important for sports or movies with lots of action.

Also, look at the refresh rate. All TVs and computer monitors have to completely rebuild the image on the screen several times a second. The faster the TV does this, the better the image looks. A 60 hz refresh rate is the minimum standard, but a 120 hz rate will provide better quality images.

Once you have the basic technology to meet your needs, LCDs also offer many extras to enhance your TV watching experience. Some come internet-ready. Just hook it up to your internet connection and stream movies, music, or videos from the web straight to your TV. You can get built-in speakers, or with various connections to surround sound systems. Whichever LCD TV you bring home, you're sure to enjoy the best of HD television and movies on your new flat screen.


For more info, as well as free video reviews and low prices on LCD TVs go to these approved web sites LCD TVs and LCD TVs

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