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KRK RP6 Review


BySteve L Daniels

The KRK RP6 G2 Rokit series have long been one of the go to monitors for professional mixers and engineers looking for a great flat monitor to mix with.

If you're looking for some studio monitors with a great reputation, and aren't too expensive, the KRK RP6 Generation 2 monitors could be the perfect solution for you.

The main benefit with the Rokit series is the flat response it gives, and the affordability which makes high quality available now to the general public.

So first of all, how is the design?

Stylish but professional:
The KRK Rokit series all have a great stylish quality to them, while still maintaining a professional look. The famous yellow cones make the KRK series one of the most recognizable studio monitors in the industry, having been used by engineers and studio owners for years. On top of that, the KRK logo will light up when turned on, which is a nice touch.

Build Quality:
KRK has created a great sturdy set of speakers, although they are a little heavy for their size, they do not have a 'cheap ' feel in any way.
The curved plate design is also created to eliminate any distortion that comes with inferior build quality.

Great Reputation
The KRK RP6s have a great reputation in the music industry, and you'll be able to find them in many major studios across the world. Engineers have been using them as reference speakers for years, and KRK has established their Rokit monitors as one of the best in the field. If you've spent any time in various studios, you're bound to have seen some version of the KRK Rokits around.

Sonic Qualities:
The KRK Rp6's give a good flat response, and have great mids. The imaging is good also, but you will have to be aware of the speaker placement to get the most out of these monitors. The proper placement is available in the guide so make sure you read that before you set them up. If you're looking for a pair of monitors that will provide you with uncoloured sonics, then these will be perfect for you. However, because of the size (6") there is some lacking of bass response.

For the quality of the monitors, the price is quite cheap. They go for around $200 (per speaker). This means you can get a pair of professional studio monitors for your home studio for under $500. However if the price range is too steep, you may want to opt for the RP5's, which is the 5" version of the KRK Rp6's.

Bass response:
Because the speakers are only 6", you may want to attach a sub if you are a huge bass lover. These speakers will not deliver 'ground-shaking' bass, and to get the full range of the lower frequencies a sub may be required. However, for mixing/reference purposes, the bass response shouldn't be a problem.

Not for general listening:
These monitors are not designed for general listening, and will not necessarily make your music sound 'better'. They are designed for musicians/engineers, who want to hear music with as much clarity and 'flatness' as possible. If you are looking to hear your music the way it 'actually' sounds, then these are for you. However, if you are looking for speakers to make your music sound better, then you may want to look elsewhere.

The KRK Rp6 G2's are a great pair of studio monitors, and are perfect for:

Project studio owners
First time studio monitor buyers
Small bedroom studios

If you own a bigger studio, you may want to pay the extra and invest in the RP8s for the wider frequency response and bass response. However, if you are a musician or engineer looking for a pair of flat monitors for your home or project studio, which has a great reputation and quality for a unbeatable price, then the RP6's will be perfect.

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