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A Look at a Few Haier Freezers

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Haier freezers are touted as some of the best in the market today as each of them are designed to fulfill very specific consumer needs. However, if you are in the market for a Haier freezer, it is necessary to know exactly what your choices are by perusing different units as well as their features and benefits. Below are some of the best Haier freezer units today that are worth considering.

Haier 3.9 Cu Ft Fridge W Full Size Freezer

This fridge freezer is one of the full size units Haier has on stock and it is primarily intended for accommodating a large stockpile of cold beverages. Among its most outstanding features include the 3 full width door storage shelves which accommodates a number of food items that need to stay cold for as long as possible. The recessed door handle gives this unit a modern feel and it comes in black which would look great in any kitchen space. Selling point: This is the freezer you want if you are in need of abundant storage for sodas, bottled water, and frozen dinners. It also has an adjustable thermostat which allows you to control the temperature depending on the number of items inside. Drawback: Since this is a full size fridge/freezer, it is not ideal for small kitchens or cramped dorm rooms.

Haier HUF138PB 13.8 Cubic Foot Capacity Full-Size Frost-Free Freezer

This one does the heavy lifting as it is designed to handle not just beverages but other frozen delights as well, such as tubs of ice cream, cured meat, and many other items. This is a straightforward freezer that is preferred by those who like appliances that are easy to clean and maintain, as per the no-frost feature. Selling points: This Haier freezer can hold close to 500 pounds of frozen food and drinks so it is definitely a heavy duty appliance. It is ideal for those who prefer to shop for months or several weeks worth of frozen supply which is beneficial for large families. Drawback: There is not much disadvantage with this unit except perhaps its size, which would only be an issue if your kitchen is not big enough.

Haier HNSE05BB 4-3/5-Cubic-Foot Compact Refrigerator/Freezer

This compact and free standing fridge/freezer is one for the books because it is highly functional and decorative at the same time. It is a compressor-cooled fridge/freezer which also has a rotary thermostat which is designed for maximum precision in temperature adjustment. It has a number of nifty features, including adjustable glass shelves, full width storage and/or drip trays, and dispense-a-can storage space (for canned beverages like beer and soda), and shelves for gallon size containers.

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