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Olympus DS-5000ID: Intelligent Professional Assistant

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Olympus DS-5000ID digital recorder is a wise choice among busy professionals in medical and legal industries. This advanced professional digital recorder answers the concerns when it comes to easy workflow, flexible functionality and information confidentiality. Its premium feature includes Biometric fingerprint Lock Function key capable of keeping data secure.

What makes Olympus DS-5000ID perfect for medical and legal professionals? The digital voice recorder is built to provide high-quality recording performance, comfortable use and increased productivity for these busy professionals. They choose Olympus DS-5000ID because it answers all the dictation and transcription needs. It records in high-quality digital speech standard format so crystal clear recording means easy transcription. It is also capable of improved sound quality through compressed files. This is also another feature which secures file as needed.

Here's how Olympus DS-5000ID works. The digital voice recording tool has easy slide switch which is used to start recording with perfect clarity, edit files quickly or gains quick access to data stored. The three programmable buttons have flexible functions so users can easily assign mostly-used tasks on these for quick workflow. The users can easily go through their files during transcription since the three programmable buttons provide instant access to pertinent information.

Olympus adherence to the confidentiality of information especially in the field of legal and medical industries paved way for the Biometric fingerprint Lock Function key essential for data security. This premium feature already gives DS-5000 ID a topnotch advantage over any other digital recorders in the market.

Olympus DS-5000ID also boasts intelligent features such as voice activation capabilities and multiple user IDs and work types feature. Voice activation saves recording time and battery when digital recording tool senses dead space. The multiple user IDs feature is ideal for professionals taking turns in using the DS-5000ID. It allows as many as ten users with various folders stored in the digital recorder.

The cradle dock for Olympus DS-5000ID serves three functions. First, it is used to charge the Ni-MH battery pack. Second, users can also have the option of placing the digital voice recorder on its cradle for hands-free recording. Thirdly, the cradle is used for uploading and downloading files to personal computer. The tool's centralized firmware update allows for easy updates plus Low consumption on power perfect for long recording times.

With Olympus DS-5000ID, everything you need is already addressed. It is even made more essential with so many premium features designed to give professionals intelligent assistance in digital recording. Certainly, an efficient companion you would want to carry around.

Genaro Geneta is the Chief Marketing Officer of Voice Recognition Pty Ltd, an Australian Official Olympus Platinum dealer. We sell only high quality, fully supported digital voice recorders for professional applications. We have been online for over 10 years in Australia. Call us on 1300 255 900 and you will speak to an Australian within seconds to answer your digital voice recorder questions.

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