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Digital Picture Frames: How To Make Sure You Choose The Right Electronic Photo Frame

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ByJohn Brynes

Home decorations in today's homes need not be static works of art any more. Though there is no denying the charm of old paintings, faded photographs, and other home d├ęcor, modern technology has brought us a more robust and interactive form of displaying pictures in our homes. Enter the digital picture frame.

In the simplest of terms electronic photo frames are basically very small computers that are built for a very specific task- displaying images. Instead of you having to insert a single physical picture as in a conventional picture frame, you upload hundreds, maybe thousands of digital images to your picture frame via a memory card or another means of storage and transfer.

Like buying any gadget, there are some things you should keep in mind when choosing the electronic photo frame. Since their main purpose is decorative, they should look good and the images they show must be sharp, clear, and vibrant. Not all brands offer this kind of quality. You should also know that just because a digital frame is from a well-known brand doesn't mean it is automatically the best. There are a few relatively unknown brands out there that might surprise you.

That's why it's important to focus on specifications and features, not on brands and names. Here are some things you should remember when choosing the right digital picture frame for you.
What functionality do you want your frame to have?
You can narrow down these devices into two types; those whose sole function is to display images only and those that have additional functionalities. If you just want something to store and show images in then get the most basic unit. On the other hand, if you want your frame to be more interactive, you can opt to buy one that has Wi-Fi and will enable you to email pictures directly into it, use clocks and other widgets, and the like.
Image resolution and Aspect Ratio
You should look for a digital picture frame that displays images in 800 x 600 pixels and above. You can opt for devices with 640 x 480 if you're in a bit of a budget, but anything below that is not worth buying no matter how inexpensive because you will not get great results. Aside from checking image resolution, aspect ratio is also important to consider. Because most digital cameras capture photos in 4:3 aspect ratio, digital picture frames with 4:3 AR is the logical choice. But if you want your pictures to have that widescreen effect, there are device that display images in 15:9.
Consider Actual Frame Size and Placement Options
A 7-8 inches (diagonally) digital picture frame is ideal for showing images. You should get one that is safe to mount to a wall just in case you want to hang up your pictures.

What other features should the frame have?

Many have handy extras so see if you can, find one that has a remote control, some sort of slideshow software, rechargeable batteries, a calendar or a clock.

That's it. With these things in mind you'll surely find the right digital picture frame to use at home.

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