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Apps, Chargers and Cases: Cheap Ways to Get the Most Out of Your iPhone

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With the iPhone, Apple integrated the innovation of the iPod with the multimedia functionality of a Smartphone. Yet, it is usually a hefty investment and money-saving tips are always welcome.

Here are some cheap and easy ways to get the most out of your phone.

Firstly, a major benefit of the iPhone is its wide range of apps. To save you money, we cherry-picked some of our favourite free apps, which you can download, completely free of charge.

Tonepad lets you compose music in the palm of your hand. The app uses a grid interface that lets you play notes. You can then edit, save and upload your musical creations to share with other users.

Comics lets you download dozens of comics for free. Search through a wide selection of vintage and modern comics to find your favourite superhero adventures. If you run out of free comics, there are additional ones you can buy.

Bump lets you transfer details or compare contacts with another person. You 'bump' your phones together and share information.

Runkeeper is the ultimate free app for joggers. It uses GPS to track jogging and cycling routes. It examines distance, pace and lets you know how many calories you have burned. Information can be shared online, along with access to exercise guides.

Dragon Dictation lets you convert speech into text. You speak into your phone and it changes it into written text. You can even command punctuation by saying 'comma' etc.

iHandy Torch Free turns your phone into a handheld torch. It has other light effects, such as a hypnotic spiral effect, to keep you amused.

As well as free apps, what other cheap ways can you maximise how you use your iPhone?

A cost-effective investment is an iPod charger. A phone is of no use if the battery has died. iPhone chargers come in various forms and include: car, mains chargers and even power jackets, which could add an extra 40 hours of extra battery life to your phone.

You should also protect your iPhone from damage with a case or cover. There is a wide selection of products, which are competitively priced. These range from classic leather to screen protectors, which will ensure that if drop your phone, it will remain unscathed.

An iPhone may seem like a large investment but there are cheap ways to maximise your enjoyment. Get free apps, buy a phone charger and cover, but most of all, have fun!

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