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Helium Digital HDBT-990 Bluetooth Wristband Communicator

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Bluetooth Wristband Communicator was the concept displayed by Helium Digital during CES and now they are out with it, namely Helium Digital HDBT-990 Bluetooth WristbandCommunicator. The unit looks absolutely gorgeous with its rich glossy looks. You can easily connect it with any of your Bluetooth enabled device like a mobile phone or iPhone.

HDBT-990 Bluetooth Wristband Communicator features Bluetooth V2.1, Audible Caller ID, Incoming Call Vibration Alert, Out of Range Vibration Alert. Its battery life offers you with 160 hours standby time and up to 4 hours of talk time. You can easily change the Bluetooth profiles. And its Echo elimination and noise cancellation technologies allow you to carry your conversation with clarity.

You can wear it on your wrist and easily roam around but avoid using it while doing dynamic activities like a basketball or football game. It does not offer any LCD screen to see Caller ID streams but you can use its text to speech technology to know the number of the caller just by pressing its volume rocker button.

HDBT-990 Bluetooth Wristband Communicator by Helium Digital is priced at $89.99. You can surely find flaws in it but its innovative concept and design overshadows it all and inspires you to try it. You can feel like any CIA agent and take your calls regardless the environment. Looking at its audio clarity, design and portability, HDBT-990 Bluetooth WristbandCommunicator might prove be a breakthrough in Bluetooth devices of this cyber age.

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