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Amazing Gadgets to be Released in 2010

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4G Phones are coming in 2010

NTT DoCoMo has been demonstrated cellular phone which capable of transmitting data at high speed. This 4G phones, the next generation of their old 3G phones network which has 384 Kbps downloads and 129 Kbps uploads, could receive data at 100Mbps on the move and at up to a gigabit per second while static. That means you could download an entire DVD in about a minute. How cool it is! Whew! I can’t wait to have one!
Microsoft 7 to be released in 2010 also

As of now, Windows Vista is the latest Microsoft system. But do you know that there’s another system that is soon to be released. This system is called “Microsoft 7″ and there were rumors about the exact release date of this new system. This question was fueled by Bill Gates’ remarks that it would be released three years after Windows Vista. Obviously it is more hi-tech than vista.

Wow! I know this is one of the most awaited thing ever! Especially to those Computer Geeks there. You’ve been waiting for this.

Canova Dual Touch Screen Laptop In 2010

The Italian company V12 Designs has devised a new version of the ‘Canova’ which is a dual LCD laptop. It’s a two screened laptop and both were touch screens. There were few news about this one but I know you’ll enjoy this thing. So strive hard in your work if you want to have a doubled screen laptop.

New Upgraded Nintendo DS and PSP

Evan Wilson of Pacific Crest Securities says we can expect a sequel to the Wii in 2010, to be followed by a new Xbox later that year. According to the inventors that have some conjectures before now that Nintendo has a shorter life cycle in mind for its graphics-impaired Wii. There are no plans yet if there will have Sony PS4 but Wilson predicted a new Nintendo DS and PSP in 2010.

I owned an Xbox but when I heard about this thing, I want to swap my Xbox to PS4. :)

Hydrogen-powered phones available by 2010

French researchers have nearly succeeded in commercially developing a hydrogen fuel cell for use as a backup power source for mobile phones, thus easing dependence on an electricity supply to charge the gadgets. The product is designed to be part of a “hybrid” system in which the cell phone first draws on the conventional battery for its power and then taps into the fuel cell if needed. Each cartridge gives the equivalent of three to five recharges of the traditional battery. It is due to reach the market in early 2010, according to STMicroelectronics executive Igor Bimbaud, who declined to give its price.

rai said...
January 11, 2010 at 8:33 AM  

wow! is the new 4g phone an apple iphone???? that would be sooo sooo cool...but as expected,,it would be very very expensive

Gadget-addicted said...
January 12, 2010 at 4:26 AM  

yeah... as expected..hehe it would be very very expensive but then again.... so powerful...

leslie Pugh said...
May 8, 2010 at 12:25 PM  

I love this 4g phone very nice gadget

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